Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Rest Day!

Hello blog lovers.

Now I wasn't going to write a blog today, considering this evenings ride is only going to be a very short, under ten miles, stretch of the legs, just because the sun is shining ride. But...... when we cycled on through Bromley  we came across the 'Wednesday Weekly Mauraders' as the Old boy called them. I had to gently let him know that they were the Bromley cyclists out on their 'Wednesday Weekly Wander'. Only this evening they were all on shiny clean bikes, togged up in their finery, make up, hairdos, and that was just the chaps! As they were having a photo shoot!

It was absolutely lovely meeting up with this group, and if we didn't have an agenda then we would certainly have joined in with their photo shoot, (well only after I had my hair done, make up and complete new wardrobe) What a great bunch of people they are. From the very young, well, at secondary school age, but then I am never good at guessing ages, to the, mmmm ..... ok, my aged group, the Old Girl and the Old Boy!

And the range of different bikes as well, was quite interesting. I noticed this 'frame with small wheels' being used, in fact there were two! (not two wheels, two bikes) a kind of green colour and a pink one! I was informed by one of the young dudes that these were called 'Bromptons', I hope I have spelt that right. 

Me and the Old Boy have made a definite decision to join these guys for a 'Maurading session' one Wednesday evening, and maybe even join in on one of the long rides! Eve did mention the 'Viking Way' a route that me and the Old Boy have decided to take Nagging sister on soon!

Keep up the good work in promoting bike riding Bromley cyclists! These guys can be found on the 'tinternet'  When I get permission, I will ask,  I will add one of the pictures to this blog! They do make a lovely picture!

Oh by the way, the agenda was with a 'Mr. Fosters' at the Red Lion, broke my diet  at the end of day 3!

No geeky stats, well, the Old Boy had his Garmin going, which told us that we rode for 9 miles at and avg pace of 9 miles an hour or so.

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